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When everything must be perfect, airbrushing makeup is your only option
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The use of airbrush makeup has been known by few for many years. Used by celebrities for red carpet events, special photo shoots and high definition formats. Lilly Rivera, when exposed to this now phenomenon, introduced its use to her bridal clientele over 8 years ago knowing that it would be very popular some day due to the amazing results.

"It takes practice and experience to master the technique and maximize it's benefits." When done correctly, the skin appears flawless, natural and fresh all day long as it was at the initial application. The feel is natural, the look is flawless, fresh looking skin which looks beautiful in person, makeup that looks amazing and undetectable in photographs. Lilly educates other makeup artists in the proper and correct manner of use to ensure clients get the full benefits of this technique. When used improperly, the results are not what airbrushing is meant to do.

Airbrush Makeup is a specialized makeup application previously used by makeup artists for high-end photo shoots and celebrity red carpet events. The result is natural, flawless, durable, photo-perfect skin. Now Available To You!

Selecting a makeup artist can be a big decision for many brides. Make an inform decision to hire a seasoned and experienced makeup artist.

A growing trend that seems to keep popping up in bridal forums is air-brushed make up. This type of make up has been used for years in television and movies. Now, the tricks of the stars can be yours. But is it worth the price? I say YES!

Advantage of Air Brushed Makeup - Read More

Air brushed make up definitely has some great advantages over traditional makeup. This unique method provides an almost flawless look that should last up to 16 hours without the need for touch-ups. Air brushing can cover anything from freckles and fine lines to scars and spider veins very effectively. But just because the artist says they do airbrush does not necessarily mean they are skilled at camouflage or tattoo cover up. This is a specialized skill. Properly trained airbrush makeup artists can even cover tattoos and brandy wine scars. Because this method can be applied not only to your face, but to your entire body, this may be an ideal choice if you have noticeable flaws you want to hide, or if you don't think that tattoo on your back will look so great with your backless dress. An important factor to note is that air-brushed makeup is typically only used to provide a foundation. But a skilled artist can also apply bronzer, blush, eye shadow. Lip and most eye color will be added in a more traditional way.

Since air-brushed makeup can run up to $400 it's important to decide if a flawless seamless look is this important to you. Also, when interviewing the makeup artist you need to ask, how long have they been airbrushing, their experience, and what products are used. Just like everything else, experience does count. In addition, High Definition and video formats exaggerate any imperfections and flaws on the skin and on the makeup application. If you are blessed with clear, smooth, skin, airbrushing will only enhance that beauty. If not, airbrushing done correctly with the proper techniques will also enhance your skin.

Whether you choose air-brushing or traditional make up, it's important to set up a practice session before the big day. Be up front and honest with your make up artist, and don't settle for a heavy, caked on look. Your makeup should look smooth and natural.

The best wedding makeup will leave the bride looking fresh and radiant. Lips and eyes should be only slightly darker for the pictures. But keep in mind that this is not the time to try a radical new look. Stick with color pallets that complement your natural skin, hair, and eye tones and you will leave everyone in awe.

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1. Long wearing, or water proof formulas, no need for touchups.

2. Your skin will look perfect and fresh throughout the entire affair regardless of the heat, humidity, or how much dancing you do!

3. Flawless complexion means photographic perfection.

4. Will not rub off or transfer to clothes.

5. Your skin looks naturally gorgeous, like you are glowing from within!

6. Does not cake, smear or melt away.

7. Lightweight feel and look.

8. Oil-free.

9. Non-comedogenic (will not clog pores.)

10. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

11. Full color range for a perfect skin tone match.

12. Because it is practically undetectable, it can be applied on the groom for those little imperfections (5 o'clock shadow coverage) to keep him shine free, and no one will ever know!

13. It takes just a few minutes to apply - it's that fast.


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